When it comes to choosing a builder, we understand that you don’t want just anyone working in, on or around your home. And we don’t just work for anyone either. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that we will be a good fit for you just as you will be a good fit for us. For this reason, we have a process that ensures we will get to know each other and really understand your project well and truly before any work begins.


Not a problem. We can introduce you to our talented design partners who we will work with to help you get the most out of your home building experience.
Here's how.

Coming Soon -  "meet our professionals" event

When you register to attend our next “meet our professionals” event, you have access to our builder and building design and architectural professionals in the same room. You will learn how good planning from the very beginning can ensure a smooth and cost-effective process and take the next steps in developing your plans. Enjoy some refreshments on us and meet some of our team!

Concept to working drawings

If you’ve chosen to allow us to assist you, you will work with our building designers to establish the scope of the work while our builder provides practical building advice and cost advice. This will assist you to keep things real while allowing you to become excited by what is possible. Once your plans are developed, the process continues as below.


That’s great! We’re so happy to see that you’ve invested a lot of thought into your project. Here’s how we can help.

Cost indication

We will provide you with a cost indication free of charge. All we need you to do is send us your plans and photos of the work area. If this is looking good to you, we move on to the next step.

Meet our team

It’s looking good, we have a better understanding of your project, and you understand what your project might cost but now we want to get to know you. This is where we set up a meet and greet. A chance to get to know each other and be sure that our partnership will be mutually beneficial.

Check all the details

Things are looking great and everyone’s excited about this project. This is where we want to check over every detail and ensure that our reputable suppliers have had some input too. We talk details, obtain firm supplier costs and prepare a fixed quote for you.

Fixed price quotation

This is where we proceed to draw up our agreement, check over the details again, explain how we manage changes whether unexpected or change of mind and we all commit to making this build happen!


We build it for you

Our builder then sets the wheels in motion arranging building permits, orders, schedules and trades and then communicates with you on a regular basis until the project is done.

Wrapping up the work

The work is practically complete. This is where we all walk through the work completed and ensure that everything has been taken care of. We then wrap up the work, finish the paperwork and prepare to hand over!

Move in!

All yours! Congratulations on completing your project. Settle in, and start creating new memories with your family and friends.